2023 Growing Liverpool

Our ten year plan for Liverpool, the vibrant regional city.

Plans are in place to further develop a high quality, attractive regional city with a full range of business, government, retail, cultural, entertainment and recreational activities.

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Vibrant Prosperous City

Developing and supporting a robust local economy and vibrant and dynamic public spaces that attract business, jobs and investment.

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Liveable Safe City

Planning for sustainable urban development, and revitalising Liverpool’s towns and public spaces.

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Healthy Inclusive City

Creating a harmonious community which values and respects diversity and embraces the opportunities it provides.

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Proud Engaged City

Generating community engagement, pride and identity. As a regional city, Liverpool is home to several iconic facilities.

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Natural Sustainable City

This direction is about protecting the environment and ensuring development is sustainable and ecological.

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Accessible Connected City

This direction is about local and global connections. Council will work collaboratively with all relevant partners to improve the connectivity and functionality of Liverpool’s transport systems.

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Leading Proactive Council

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The Annual Report 2015-16 is now available in a simple and easy to read format . To view …

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Growing Liverpool 2023

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Liverpool at a Glance

Registered businesses
in the Liverpool Region.
% Of small businesses have
less than 19 employees

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I love the historical, the new and the multicultural flavour to our city. Casula Powerhouse, Bigge Street Park and St Luke’s Anglican Church.
Marion, Green Valley

Liverpool at a Glance

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